The Enneagram Session

with Debbie Pask

The Enneagram is one of the most powerful tools to help you understand your inner-thinking!

A series of TWO personal sessions to deeply know what your enneagram type is, how you think and what your greatest fears and desires are.

This session will assist you in your working life and how to get the best performance from your inner self. 

After all – that drives how you think and feel every day. Help will be provided to ascertain your type if you are yet to take the test!

This double session will give you clarity on your personal type (which # you are) PLUS take a deep look into how you can work with your type to succeed in your working life and also on a deeply personal level.

If you already know your number, then we can jump straight into the application and how you can utilise it to overcome blocks and to capitalise on strengths.

Read more about the Enneagram types and how they respond to stress.