Mind Fit 12 Week Program

with Debbie Pask

After over 10,000 coaching and healing sessions, I have distilled what I think are small pieces of ninja mind hacks that, if practiced, will take you to a whole new level of CALM, CLEAR, and PEACEFUL.

I have put ALL of them into a 12 module DIY Mind-Fit Program that takes what you've learnt in the first 4 lessons to a whole new level.

And I know that when you explore the full program and implement the lessons and practices...

Your MIND will thank you.
Your BODY will do cartwheels.
And, your SPIRIT will take a big sigh of relief.

The lessons you will find inside the Complete Mind-Fit Program: 

Lesson 1 - The Master Observer

Lesson 2 - The Inner Critic VS Ego

Lesson 3 - Get Comfortable with Uncertainty

Lesson 4 - Dump Your Old Stories

Lesson 5 - Acceptance and Non-Judgement

Lesson 6 - Entanglements with Others

Lesson 7 - The Alpha and Beta Mind

Lesson 8 - King and Queen Archetypes

Lesson 9 - Rich Inner World

Lesson 10 - Fear

Lesson 11 - Fact vs Fiction

Lesson 12 - Grace

Get the Complete Mind-Fit Course with 12 Powerful Mind-Fit Lessons now for just AUD$64. That's just $5.33 per lesson!