Meditation: Guided Meditation For Trauma

10-12 minute meditation for trauma. Do you have a difficult event that is still lodged in your heart? People, events and memories can create stagnant energy and really impact on the way you live life. Sometimes we know we should move on, but don’t know how or are too caught up in the tragic events that surround our lives and this can play over and over again in your mind until mental exhaustion and grief really take over.

Claim a happier, healthy you. Let go of loss, grief, arguments, events, serious break ups and internal stresses that are damaging your mind, body and spirit. This meditation is a serious energy release for anything stuck to your heart – so get ready to really let go and find the peace and light that you know is within!

Repeat as often as you need to for a calm, clear and fresh mind.

Give your mind and body the attention and care it deserves. For just 10 minutes, you can afford to do this every day!