Animal Clearing Session

with James Pask

Give your beloved pet the gift of  Animal Healing using Holographic Kinetics

Discover what current life issues, ancestral and past life issues your animal might have so you can clear away any negative echoes and rejuvenate your best friend.

Does your animal or pet need some expert care and attention to heal? Here are some of the issues that James Pask can assist with:

✓ Emotional distress and disturbance, especially if that animal has been rescued or somewhere else before you.

✓ Physical issues such as diseases, pain, respiratory problems and more.

✓ Visible signs of stressed behavior such as overlicking, chasing tails, hair loss, mood swings, not eating and more.

✓ Clearing of a recent or past trauma or accident that your pet might have experienced.

✓ Healing from negative effects of drugs or harmful chemicals and other treatments.


James will surrogate your animal into a person (a third party) using Holographic Kinetics – a technique that has been shown to clearly communicate and establish the healing needed to remove any issues or trauma of the timeline of your pet and get them feeling better both emotionally and physically.

Your animals and pets can be assisted using this unique healing modality to resolve behavioral and physical challenges. It could be a recent trauma or event, or an old habit that you need to help your animal resolve. You can also work on your animal when they are sick or have a physical ailment.

The sessions are conducted similarly to how a child would be treated, in that your animals’ spirit (with you as their guardian giving permission) is surrogated into a third party to look at the root cause of the issue and help remove this off their timeline – creating a better future by correcting the past.

*An Animal Healing Holographic Kinetics Distance Session requires two practitioners, one as a surrogate.

Why does your pet or animal need an Animal Clearing session?