Energy Healing Session

with James Pask


Over Zoom/Skype we will work out what’s affecting you/ your issues and James will use his large toolbox of over 20 different healing modalities such as holographic kinetics, constellation work, body code, Native American medicine room healing, Russian DNA healing and many more.

This will customise a healing sequence for you, so as to bring you back into balance and wholeness.

The root cause of your issue may be in a past life, up the ancestral line or from a trauma or limiting belief that got locked into your energy field in this life.

Your past and your future are affecting you right now in the present causing you issues and stress, so we will trace it back with your Spirit and clear the energy impacting your present-day life for you.

Just some of the approaches used are described below

Medicine Room healing session – a Native American Indigenous healing technique where James will (after a skype or phone conversation) take you via meditation into his quantum medicine room and conduct a healing on you energetically; removing stuck energy and energetic blocks from your auric field, chakras and meridians and assist your internal infinite self (spirit) to heal what needs healing in your being. After James brings you out of the healing meditation, he will debrief you about what came up and guidance needed.

Constellation session – over skype we discuss what issue you would like to work on and then we use the Knowing Field to access the energetic information needed for balance. This requires a collaborative session where YOU get to choose several physical objects to represent each part/person (as spirit) that forms part of the block or issue you have. Together we access the information from the quantum field to access the hidden nature of the problem and present the healing solution. Once this process is completed – the healing statements and movements will be introduced that are needed to bring healing and wholeness.

Body code – through muscle testing over skype, James will use all the mind maps on the body code system to get to the underlying cause of the issue you want to work on and assist in clearing them. Any issue a human experiences comes down to energetic causes, misalignments in body, toxins/ pathogens, circuit/system issues or nutrition/lifestyle issue. This works very physical and on a soul level to address what is currently blocking and impacting on your energy field.

Russian Transformer healing – a process done over skype where we get you to tune into the consciousness of your cells, DNA, chakras (any part of your being and start the healing process. Firstly we talk to that body part and see how it is feeling and functioning allowing a deep expression of the different parts of you that might have their own challenges and blocks. This expression of inner consciousness helps to let out any trapped energy/emotions etc and then we will conduct a healing process together to bring that part of you into balance.

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