Letting Go of Negative Relationships


Remove energy chords and attachments to other people in your life who create emotional disturbances; partners, lovers, friends, family members, co-workers, employers, and more.

This program is for conscious souls seeking freedom of mind and heart from a difficult relationship or event involving others.

  • Learn the lessons and gifts you need to move on from a negative relationship
  • Understand and use the energetic principles behind releasing someone else out of your auric field
  • Practice indigenous cleansing tools and ceremony that will assist your letting go process
  • Learn how to feel powerful, confident, and centered when you think about, see or speak with that difficult person in your life

This e-learning module is fantastic for anyone wanting to really move on and let go of internal conflict relating to another person; whether it be a one off event or a long term habit.

This program utilises the “best of the best” learning collected over years studying personal transformation, healing and consulting. I have been applying these ancient and modern-day tools in client sessions with fantastic results.

Module includes:

  • Video - explanations of how to let go and models to review
  • Audio Meditations - focussed on the release process and ongoing to cleanse your mind
  • Theory & Written passages
  • Mindfulness tools and techniques
  • Questions and reflection exercises

Each theory is applied directly to your personal life situation so it is 100% customised to your experience.

What you will need?

  • Internet connection
  • Video/Media player software to watch clips & listen to meditations
  • Min 3 hours of time to complete the module