4-Day Spiritual and Healing Retreat Byron Bay NSW

Upcoming Date: May 13-17 2021


Advanced Level 2 attendees are required to attend first the Level 1 Retreat before taking up this course

Our retreat aims to combine a one-of-a-kind destination with an enlightenment experience to rock your world.

You arrive into the mountains of Byron Bay where you will receive your daily journey activities, with plenty of personal space built-in alongside nature immersion.

Immerse and connect with nature and journey through sensory meditations to identify goals and get personal answers. Learn how to tap into the power of nature at its best! 

Full retreat package is AUD $2,790


or choose to secure your RETREAT SPACE through payment plan
(x6 payments of $465 over 3 months)

Pay the full amount $2790 Choose the 3 month Payment plan

Mini Vision Quest

Take your meditation and nature journeys deeper with a mini vision quest to find your answers and course correct your life direction. James Pask will teach you the native American style of questing through the 'Stalking Wolf' lineage.

Advanced Enneagram Work - with Debbie

Master your headspace and learn to navigate the traps you face in this powerful archetyping resource. Learn your greatest fears, desires and how to unlock your gifts and resources.

Medicine Wheel

Journey into the medicine wheel to activate your vision and learn the WILD MIND concepts of how you can live with integrity and balance.

Learn the difference between positive and negative archetypes and face your truth in the wheel!

Ancestors Release 

A ceremony to let go of any negative or disruptive ancestral patterns that might be creating roadblocks for you. The giving back ceremony will unlock layers of ancestral burdens you might be unconsciously carrying. 

Personal Spiritual Code

A workshop to define how you want to WALK and TALK in this life coming from a higher-self perspective. Set the RULES of your game and articulate your own spiritual commandments. 

Advanced Animal Totem work

A deeper dive into how you can effectively work with your medicine animal. Qualities, advantages and the ability to embody your inner animal. 

Constellation Session 

Using the quantum field we see what blocks you have between your FEARS and your GOALS. This powerful live session will be experienced for each retreat member and you get to have a conversation with your VISION, YOUR SPIRIT and YOUR BLOCK.

Resources Matrix

Tap into your superpower resources with this unique mind-mapping exercise that will feed your mission. Learn to harness the power of nature, ancestors, people, animals and more to live life in a more harmonious way.

Sound Healing 

Soothe your mind and rebalance your nervous system with the epic Sound bowl and full-body digeridoo healing. With the didgeridoo, sound bowl and more - you will be transported into a deep rejuvenation. 


Magnesium Therapeutic Spa - Swimming Pool - Crystal Grid healing -
Card Stations - Nature Sit Spot and more


We are hosting our Healing Holidays Spiritual Retreats at the Tin Horse Ranch, located in Pearces Creek NSW. A spacious rural resort accommodation for getaways in the pristine Byron Bay hinterland.

(images from tinhorseranch.com.au)




Watch our quick tour around Tin Horse Ranch, our retreat venue in Byron Hinterland

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “Thanks again for another majestic retreat! Level 2 really was a step up, I wouldn't changed any of it.”

    Corporate Manager and Health Enthusiast

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “Healing Holidays is a place to clear your mind, create your intentions and focus one self-improvement; to believe in your intentions.”


  • James & Debbie Pask

    “I couldn't have hoped for it to be better than it was!”

    New South Wales



Visit to Crystal Castle & Shambala Gardens

Located in the Byron Bay hinterland - a tranquil and magical sanctuary and the home of the world's largest natural crystals and geodes. The activities included are meditative work, visit and sit on the giant crystal cave and wander around the lush botanical gardens and rainforest. (crystalcastle.com.au) (photo by visitnsw.com)

Restorative Yoga with Claudia

Meet Claudia Chambers (Yoga Teacher)

Nature, rejuvenation, creativity. Claudia facilitates small group experiences to foster connection and peace through the natural world, creative arts and meditative experiences.

Claudia loves working with people to foster peace and connection through the natural world, creative arts and meditation. Her current work focuses on coaching and training in Recovery & Performance, Nature Therapy, Positive Psychology, Creativity and Mindfulness. She has also worked internationally as a musician 


Nicole Armit

Our amazing CHEF Nicole will look after you with her healthy and healing food, her inner wisdom and her love in the KITCHEN...

Nicole has a background in Spiritual training, Chinese Medicine, nourishing people and more. Her ability to look after people - with food, wisdom and love is amazing.